Tech: PenMoto solves the Wacom pen juggling dilemma

All of our artists live with a Wacom pen in hand — that is, until they need to write an email or take a sip of coffee. That’s when things get complicated. All those moments of putting down the pen, shifting gears to some other finger-centric task and them shifting back add up to a sustained background fuzz of frustration.

The genius designers at PenMoto may have solved that problem.  Using a clever rigging of rare-earth magnets and precision plastic parts, PenMoto evolved its original masking tape prototype into a product that will have you spinning your Wacom pen like a kung fu master.

PenMoto’s not just limited to Wacom pens, though. It works with pens and pencils, too. Even though the product is only available as a pre-order, one of our staffers got an early version through Kickstarter. He’s in love.

Check it out on the Penmoto site.

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