Real Time Separable Subsurface Scattering

Nerd alert: If you’re not into high-end CG, you may not understand how truly impressive this is. But trust us, it’s impressive.

Getting this level of realism in real-time rendering is exciting. While this is bleeding edge tech now, it’ll be commonplace and hopefully start showing up in games and other experiences soon. Some details from principal creator, Jorge Jimenez:

It shows our latest and final advances on real-time skin rendering (Separable Subsurface Scattering), which enables [one] to quickly render skin in just two post-processing passes. Everything is written from scratch using DirectX 10 and rendered in real-time, from the skin to the film grain…

Even more amazing? Jorge is open-sourcing the tech behind his creation. Get the details on the Vimeo page. Get more in-depth info on Jorge’s site.

2 thoughts on “Real Time Separable Subsurface Scattering

  1. broken196 says:

    Oh my god….

  2. Chad Cox says:

    Well done! amazing amount of detail down to the stubble, scars, acne and moles even blackheads on the nose it’s really exceptional. It looks like someone already mentioned that the specular may be just a little high, 2:48-3:00ish is where his skin loses believability for me little too much of a waxy sheen, and this is nitpicky but it bothers me that he’s missing eyelashes, but really well done, congrats on the accomplishment it’s extremely believable. I really enjoyed the SMAA vids too.

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