Psyop releases Open Sourced Shader “JF Nested Dielectric”

Psyop and Psyop’s Head of Lighting (NY) Jonah Friedman proudly present JF Nested Dielectric, an open sourced nested dielectric shader for Solid Angle’s Arnold Renderer.


In large part, this initiative is an implementation of the 2002 paper “Simple Nested Dielectrics in Ray-traced Images by Charles M. Schmidt and Brian Budge” and is meant to solve one problem: efficient, physically-plausible rendering of nested dielectric surfaces in production.

It’s also capable of spectral dispersion, direct refraction of light sources, production-feasible ray traced blurry caustics. It has a few different optimization techniques built in to improve render times, including Russian Roulette and energy tracking and clamping throughout the ray tree.

Since it’s release into the Arnold community yesterday morning, Jonah has already received feedback from users who have modified his code — JF Nested Dielectric now works in Linux, too.

Enjoy it!

Documentation (PDF with lots of images)
Git repo for source code, builds, and licensing info

JF Nested Dielectric is Copyright (c) 2014, Psyop Media Company, LLC and Jonah Friedman

*Please note, while Psyop greatly appreciates your feedback we can not provide tech support*

12 thoughts on “Psyop releases Open Sourced Shader “JF Nested Dielectric”

  1. What a great thing to do for the VFX community. NIcely done!
    Lets make an AE template so MAYA user do not feel left out.

  2. Thank you, a great shader but i think it’s only for Softimage not for Maya?

  3. Jacob Slutsky says:

    Fantastic work as always Jonah! Looking forward to working with this one.
    Thanks for releasing this.

  4. Dong Liang says:

    Just did a test render in Maya and the result was really nice! Thank you for sharing such a great shader!

  5. Marvin Butler says:

    can we get a tutorial describing how to use the shader’s settings.. thanks much..

  6. Johnc374 says:

    Very well written article. It will be helpful to anyone who uses it.

  7. Vladimir says:


  8. No says:


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