Good Gags Die Hard: Frame of Mind

A good idea executed well lives on in the minds of viewers. And that makes it ripe for remixing again and again.

Riffing on the iconic Goodby, Silverstein & Partners’ HP ads from 2005, Ben Boutwell and Steve Allan created this whimsical gem with After Effects, Final Cut Pro and a trip to Hawaii. It’s a light-hearted homage to the originals and a fun way to start the week.

When the original HP campaign launched, it spawned a rash of viewer-made spin-offs. It’s interesting to see the trend revitalized (kept alive in part by Modern Family’s intro sequence) seven years later. Good gags die hard — especially when everyone has a copy of After Effects on their machine.

Via Visual News | Psyop was not involved in the production on this video in any way.

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