Coke “Heist”


  • From Psyop’s Kylie Matulick: As you’ve probably heard by now, everyone at Psyop is super excited to have won an Emmy for Coke “Heist.”

    About a quarter of the way through the awards presentation, they announced the nominees of the best commercial category, and Todd and l just looked at each other and went pale! It was the big moment! But after playing the first spot they quickly moved on to the next category and we realized that they were going to pepper the show with the nominated commercials and proceed to torture us for the next 4 hours! What we saw, though, were 7 other spots that were all amazingly funny and entertaining.

    By the time they opened the announcement card, we just felt great to have been nominated with this awesome group, knowing that there was no way in hell we’d win out over “Porn,” a Scorsese-selling time share, and an alien Alec Baldwin. And then we heard… “Coke… Heist”. Suffice to say the rest of the evening was like floating on a cloud. It felt great to get that kind of recognition, and it’s a wonderful accolade for all the talented artists who work their asses off at PSYOP to make something amazing.