Psyop Instagram Artist Takeover: JBC


Starting out with a tame black and white photo of the back of an airplane seat, you all may have assumed this past week was going to be a relatively tame one. Next thing you know, our Head of Production has posted a shot of him taking his job a tad seriously, holding a fellow Psyop-er in a solid headlock. Have you learned yet that when it comes to us, you can’t assume anything? Drew Bourneuf did a stellar job at backing us up on this concept, and it couldn’t have been more entertaining to follow him from LA to NYC! Thanks for the nonsense, Drew.

This week we’ve got another traveler for you, but this time, he’s taking things international. JBC, Psyop’s CMO can usually be found running things from Los Angeles except for weeks like these when he decides to hit places like rural England and Cannes! Make sure to track his journeys far and wide by searching @psyoptv on Instagram, then do no more than sit back and enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 9.58.50 AM JBC 4 JBC 3 JBC 2

Name: JBC
Position at Psyop: CMO
You take way too many photos of: My daughters
On weekends, you can be caught doing: Art and Love
Who on Team Psyop should take over next?: Felix from NY – he’s seen so much!

Psyop Film & Television Turns 1!

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.53.46 AM

In August of 2014, Psyop Film and Television began a journey led by Kymber Lim, flanked by a team of fearless execs including Mark Driscoll, Henrik Fett, and Colleen Bachman. Joining them were none other than VFX Supervisors Marshall Krasser, Dan Levitan, and Dan Schrecker, who shared in the team’s goal of not only launching the Psyop brand into the Film & TV space, but joining our brand’s famous creative vision with some of the top filmmakers in the industry. As we celebrate the 1st birthday of this new Psyop team, we can’t help but reflect on the hard work and exciting times that have been written into the history books.

JOY frame

Jennifer is feeling super pumped about Psyop’s first year!

Last year, the division hit the ground running with work on several feature films, from critical darling A Most Violent Year to the opening title sequence on the Michael Mann thriller Blackhat. The team also flexed their creative muscles behind the scenes, contributing concept design and some dynamic pitchwork for Lorenzo di Bonaventura’s Hell Bent. Psyop’s first major big screen credit came on with a bang in the form of the explosive summer action-comedy American Ultra, starring Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg. Thanks to the NYC team, no scene lacked for haze-filled, bullet-riddled landscapes. Audiences were treated to no less than fifty-eight Psyop-enhanced scenes, including some seamless power-of-ten shots pulling back to reveal helicopters, drones, and satellites orbiting the earth. Since completing that film, the New York squad has been working to complete over 230 shots on Hail Caesar, the Coen Brothers much-anticipated next feature film. If simply collaborating with filmmakers of this calibre wasn’t awesome enough, we’re delighted to announce that this is our first feature film as the sole VFX provider. Meanwhile, the Vancouver team is rocking out over 400 shots for director Gavin O’Connor’s thriller The Accountant, where Ben Affleck plays a superbly intelligent accountant by day and ruthless assassin by night, and growing the list of Psyop Film & TV projects that you absolutely must see.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.10.08 AM

Managing Director Kymber Lim spoke about this division’s contribution to Psyop, saying “I love seeing all of the pieces come together. Being able to take advantage of what Psyop is known for–world building, character creation, storytelling, and design–and then taking that into the feature world has been amazing. The most exciting thing for us is to imagine, design, and execute in order to bring a director’s vision to life.”

Psyop continues to pursue episodic television as well, and is in the middle of several exciting projects for the small screen. In our Vancouver studio, we’re involved in Amazon’s biggest and most sophisticated original series yet, The Man In The High Castle, as well as embarking on work for the new X-Files series; yes, THAT X-Files, out January 2016! Also slated for a 2016 release is MTV’s adaptation of the popular novel series, The Shannara Chronicles, being completed by Psyop’s Los Angeles team, as well as Into The Badlands, coming soon to AMC. NYC loves their TV shows too, as VFX work gets rolling again over there for Season 2 of Amazon’s Mozart In The Jungle.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.55.55 AM

If you’re worried that we don’t quite have enough on our “To-Do” list yet, we should probably mention even more things that Psyop Film & TV is currently working on. VFX magic is being cast on How To Be Single, starring Dakota Johnson, and Arms and The Dudes, from blockbuster director Todd Phillips. Last but undoubtedly not least, blood sweat and Psyop-egg-shaped tears are going into the final shots for David O. Russell’s JOY, starring it girl/action star/Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, and releasing on Christmas Day!

Arms and The Dudes frame

We feel ya, Jonah — things are really kicking up a notch!

You might find yourself saying, enough about Year One, what’s Year Two going to bring? Kymber nailed it, saying, “Of all the new fields Psyop is playing in, I look forward to seeing us continue to grow into a thriving entertainment studio, and keeping up the momentum we’ve already got going to ensure that the seeds we’ve been planting will grow and be fruitful. That is what I want for Psyop as a whole and for each of the people here who give me inspiration every single day to keep pushing forward!”

And so onward and upward we go indeed… A million thanks to each and every one of you coming along on this adventure with us! #TeamPsyop


Psyop Instagram Artist Takeover: Drew Bourneuf


So, was it just us… or was this past week of Psyop Instagram Artist Takeover one for the books? Tom Masterman out of Vancouver gave a whole new meaning to the term “original” and we can certainly say with confidence that he kept us on our toes for all seven days of insanity. If eating car keys and crawling around the workplace imitating a dog doesn’t stir up the conversation, I’m not sure what else would. Thanks for throwing all caution to the wind, Tom! This week is not to be forgotten anytime soon.

But now onto a new week, and a fresh Psyop face to direct our attention to. Head of Production based out of our Los Angeles office is Drew Bourneuf! We have been awaiting the perfect moment for him to finally cast his madness on the world, and our dear friends, that time has come. Although he is usually here in LA, this week finds him working his magic in NYC so get ready for a wondrous clashing of the west and east coasts. Furhtermore, what better way to kick this takeover off than with this picture of Drew’s late dog, Guinness! A beautiful dog and a great beer right out of the gate?? Alright Drew, you’ve thrown the gauntlet. Show us what you’ve got.

Name: Drew Bourneuf

Personal IG Account: @uncledrew – it’s a bit barren but that ends now!!! And yes, I was uncledrew before Kyrie Irving was!!!

Position at Psyop: Head of Production

You take way too many photos of: Pints

A pickup line that actually worked for/on you: Hi, my name is Drew.

Who on Team Psyop do you nominate to take over next?: Neysa Horsburgh

Dogs, Music and the Power of an Industrial-Sized Fan


It all started in the way that many ridiculous-but-brilliant situations do. A few of my fellow Psyop-ers discovered an LA-based Instagram account and found themselves entertained for way too long by a common hit amongst social media platforms: funny animals.

This time, the draw came from dog groomer & stylist Jess Rona. Jess blew up the internet with her 15 second Instagram videos consisting of dogs being blow-dried, edited to play in slow motion, and set to humorous background music. All of these ingredients proved a hilarious nod to what it may look like if dogs took over the glamorous world of high fashion photography – fur and all.

Seeing that our offices have a solid community of dogs who can be found at any moment, I couldn’t think of a reason NOT to do the same with Psyop’s Instagram and our own cuddly cast of characters. Starting first with Nikki Pymn’s Sheltie, Marley, and Jane Byrne’s Samoyed, Canto, the little Instagram experiment began. As we upped the ante from hairdryers to industrial-strength fans and blasted through countless bags of beef-esque treats, the experience escalated to pure hilarious magic. We hope our own followers will take a similar delight in seeing these newer, more diva-fied looks at the canines we’ve grown to know!

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 1.21.14 PM

Of course, it’s the perfectly fitting music and the star-powered subject that make all the difference, so if there’s a Psyop dog that we’ve covered in our recurring #DogsOfPsyop or a song that you think would be a great addition to this fun little project, leave a comment below!

Psyop Instagram Artist Takeover: Tom Masterman


Hey kiddos! Taylor here with another fantastic artist to introduce you all to this week. Psyop Visual Effects Editor Tom Masterman from our Vancouver location has bravely set aside his hunt to find the perfect donut, and taken on the challenge of taking over the Instagram world for us. What a guy.

Thank you all so much for making last week a blast in being your Takeover Artist and engaging with what I posted. It was the coolest way to meet some of you and get to know our following community all the better! If you’d like to follow me along on my own personal journey & shenanigans, check out @taylor_shortall to do so!

Now, here’s some info on Tom Masterman… Make him feel welcome and get ready for what is sure to be a week for the books.

Name: Tom Masterman

Position at Psyop: Visual Effects Editor

You take way too many photos of: Other people’s mistakes

Your superhero alter-ego (and why?): James Bond (England’s superhero) because I too am English, and drink way too much on the job

Who on Team Psyop do you nominate to take over next?: Sophie Cherry

Making Imaginary Friends Real


Here at Psyop, we’re passionate about turning some crazy visions into reality. That’s why it would only make sense for us to take part in the upcoming V&A Museum of Childhood event held in London this Saturday around this very concept! The idea behind the “Imaginary Friend” workshop is simple, sweet and pretty damn heartwarming as its premise is to bring children and artists together under one common interest: creativity.

Six children will be paired up with six world-class artists with the goal of transferring the children’s descriptions of their imaginary friends onto sketchpads helmed by their artist counterparts. By the end of the day, the result should be a concrete visual stemming from each child’s imagination that will then be turned into a sculpture; then to be displayed in the museum at a later date.

Coming as the representative artist of Psyop is our insanely talented Lauren Indovina! You may recognize her name from a handful of prior work ranging all across the board from the dark and twisted “Tut” piece for Spike TV, to the innocent storybook feel of British Gas’ “No Place Like Home.” It is Lauren’s impressive ability to adapt her artistic approaches no matter the medium in order to create something that is one-of-a-kind.


Psyop Instagram Artist Takeover: Taylor Shortall

IG Me Pro Pic

It was a week of hands growing out of flower pots, men dressed up as Sailor Moon, and that chick from The Ring lurking in our office closet… Still keeping up with us here? A huge high five is in order for Psyop NYC’s Denny Khurniawan, who made sure a dull moment never went by on his watch! And succeed, he did. For the record, Denny’s personal Instagram is just as wacky as Psyop’s was last week so if you’d like to continue following him, you can find him at: @dkhurniawan.

So now is usually the time when I introduce this week’s Takeover Artist, and talk a little bit about them to get you all acquainted. It won’t exactly go that way this time around however, because I’m taking the reins myself this week! With a handful of seriously awesome events and happenings I am set to cover in the coming week, it only seemed fitting that I take the Insta world along with me for the ride as well. Fair warning: No, I do not own a cat and no I don’t ghost hunt in my free time- But I hope you guys dig whatever mischief comes along with my takeover… *cue evil plotting music now*


Name: Taylor Shortall

Position at Psyop: Social Media Coordinator / PR Liaison

You take way too many photos of: I’ve been on the “less is more” kick for awhile now, so no 1 category has been too excessive… But I used to be a real culprit of posting just about everything I ever cooked.

If you didn’t live in Los Angeles, you’d be in: I think I’d be in Lincoln City, Oregon. It isn’t too far from Portland but just far enough where I can have my seclusion in the forest when I want it, but can also head into the action on my own terms.

Who on Team Psyop should take over next?: He can continue to turn down my pleads to join the Insta world all he wants – But I’m still nominating Dan Levitan.

IG Kansas City IG US Open  IG Sundance

Psyop Instagram Artist Takeover: Denny Khurniawan


If you did Labor Day even remotely right, you are reading this through a haze of post-cookout drowsiness and the bliss of a third day off. So by all means, stay right where you are, get comfy, and read up on our next artist to take over Psyop’s official Instagram account! As we never like to stick in the same place for long, this week comes along with a sparkling view of New York City thanks to Designer & Art Director, Denny Khurniawan! Nominated by countless past Takeover Artists from coast to coast, this week is sure to be one filled with pandemonium and wonder alike.

Speaking of Psyop-ers who know how to entertain, how great was VFX artist Kelly Shay last week?? With the opening of our new Redwood office in Marina Del Rey, she gave us the ultimate treat in showing a sneak peek into the space and the crazy characters that have come to inhabit it. Thanks for taking on the challenge, Kelly!

If you haven’t followed us yet, you know what you have to do! Find us at @psyoptv as well as our tagged artists who have taken over in the prior weeks. We are so lucky to have this crew behind the Psyop magic day after day; and love that we can share a piece of it with all of you.

Name: Denny Khurniawan

Position: Designer/Art director

You take way too many photos of: Food that I will probably never look at ever again

New York is better than LA because: i can get my favorite chocolate peanut butter ice cream from a next door bodega at 4 am

Who should take over next: Gerald Ding


Denny_IG_03 Denny_IG_02  Denny_IG_01

Inside A Child’s Fantasy — Creating “No Place Like Home” for British Gas


A child’s perspective; it is an unparalleled thing consisting of endless adventure, growing mystery, and voices found within the nooks and crannies of just about anything. There is no question about it: the world inside a child’s mind is magic. For some, that drifts away with the enduring years, but for others, such as Psyop Director Lauren Indovina, that world only sharpens with their craft. We recently had a conversation with the visionary at the helm of British Gas’ latest spot, ‘No Place Like Home’ and got some insight into how one turns the feeling of being at home into a full-fledged world brimming with poignant gardens, furry little animal families, and heart-warming themes.

“As children, we fantasize that little fluffy woodland creatures in our world live in incredibly cozy homes. We anthropomorphize them to become these super creative small humans, thrifty in fact, justifying along the way that things we leave in the grass or the woods now have incredibly cool uses for our fellow creature dwellers. I’m prone to injecting my imagination into the miniature world of my backyard, so collaborating with like minded colleagues to bring these tiny worlds to life was a treat.”

Touching on what brought Psyop and British Gas together for such a whimsical collaboration, Indovina notes that it was in 2011 when we teamed up with CHI in their ‘Planet Home’ storytelling campaign. “Through the years, our collaboration has evolved the style and techniques used to tell the stories of British Gas consumers. For Psyop, a company brimming with prolific character designers and animators, we were ecstatic to help CHI launch this new, marvelous narrative.”



A good deal of the successes in bringing this storybook-esque spot to fruition rested in two main components: collaboration and attention to detail; which is exactly why Psyop was the group for the job. “Psyop’s process has always been collaborative and this spirited process brings our animated worlds to life. Great storytelling is filled with meaning in every detail. In other words, it’s encouraged that everyone on the team has authorship and brings to the table their own point of view and imagination.” Of course, you can’t have strong storytelling without well-developed characters to go along with it. The Psyop team decided to settle on a universally known, yet nearly impossible to overdo, theme. “We really envisioned this new cast of characters to feel familial, charming, and ownable to the British Gas brand. Naturally we turned to classic fairy tale structure. The structure of a fairy tale is really in the simplicity and meaningful, clever design.”

Before every triumph however, there are often struggles preceding. Character design and style proved to be no different when faced with the dilemma of finding that happy balance between believable reality, and enchanting fantasy. “One challenge was to develop a look for our characters which was both tactile and real. We wanted the viewer to feel like you could reach out and touch this world. It was a quick turnaround for the amount of work we set ourselves up to do.” No challenge is ever too out of reach for Team Psyop however, as Indovina considers the balance found in directing and being a part of a larger whole.


“As a director, I’m nothing without the amazing support and talent of the team. In short, I would say ‘this, this, this’ but then–I’m not even kidding, and this happens a lot at Psyop–I look at what our artists have done and I think, ‘Man, who am I to comment? This is ridiculous. This is just really freaking amazing stuff. Keep going guys. I’ll be a little OCD about some things, but you guys do you.” Adding onto the noted difficulties in accomplishing the desired look and feel of the piece, she mentions that her creative background continuously plays a part in her approach. “I come from a film and design background, so I geek out forever about look and feel, tone, and emotional response. The nuance of this animation makes my heart happy. It turned out sweet and sort of sassy. The tiny hands, the little expressions and detail. It just kills me.”

When asked about what’s up next in terms of the connection between Psyop and British Gas, Indovina confidently states: “I really hope we can continue to play in this world and give these characters more narratives, similar to Psyop’s collaboration with Coke on the ‘Happiness Factory’ films. We’re really excited and proud of our relationship with CHI and Partners. This is only the beginning. Look out for our next collaboration in the Fall.”


Psyop Instagram Artist Takeover: Kelly Shay


Let’s introduce our next Instagram Takeover artist with only the important facts: She is a multitasker… A multitasker who specializes in wearing sweaters while consuming only the finest soft serve ice cream available. Kelly Shay (@shay_yk) from our Los Angeles office will be the Psyop IG woman of the hour this time around, and we’re confident that this FX artist is about to deliver a style all her own!

Speaking of style, last week’s takeover from Marc Whitelaw proved to be a great success but of course, we know he couldn’t have done it without his bandana-clad sidekick, Kevin. What a little stud! Thanks for beefing up Psyop’s collection of sunsets, sunrises and dog pics cute enough to turn the hardest of hearts to complete mush.

Hope you all are still following along and loving our fresh take on what it means to be part of #TeamPsyop!

Name: Kelly Shay

Position at Psyop: Houdini FX Artist & Hair

You take way too many photos of: My cats. For reals.

Hometown? And 1 way you fit that hometown stereotype: Saratoga Springs, NY. I wear sweaters while simultaneously eating delicious soft serve ice cream at the same time.

Who on Team Psyop do you nominate to take over next?: Yuo Tengara!!


Kelly_ig_04 Kelly_ig_03 Kelly_ig_02

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