Psyop Instagram Artist Takeover: Andrew Mizerek

So if you happened to catch even one of the many shots that Blacklist Director Tom C J Brown shared with us during his Artist Takeover stint last week, you too will agree that the selfie stick really is a powerful, magical thing. From inside looks at the American Film Institute Festival, Will Smith selfie shots straight from the red carpet, and a variety of sock-and-sandal-clad shenanigans… The flavor of Hollywood Boulevard was certainly kicked up a notch. Thank you Tom, and don’t lose that selfie stick anytime soon.


Heading into a fresh week, we have Senior Staff Accountant Andrew Mizerek from our New York location about to test out his skills as a Takeover Artist! Originally from New Jersey, this guy is all about Phish, Grateful Dead, and getting down on some seriously good food. He is also an avid Mets fan; but considering recent history… We’ll overlook that unfortunate fact… Cricket, cricket. Anyways, let’s see what you’ve got, Andrew!!

Name: Andrew Mizerek
Position at Psyop: Senior Staff Accountant
You take way too many photos of: Shows, my home cooking, and dogs that are not mine
You, in food form, and why: Pork roll, egg, cheese on an everything bagel w/ pepper & a dash of ketchup. Because New Jersey.
Who on Team Psyop do you nominate to take over next?: Tom Boyle!

Psyop Instagram Artist Takeover: Tom C J Brown

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.45.47 AM

The week of Halloween, we saw dark fallen angels, masked mischief makers and a whimsical werewolf towering above the New York City skyline. The following week, our Instagram collection was turned into a dream throwback, flooded with gorgeous concept art from the Psyop archives. What was originally a representation of the whereabouts of our fellow artists, Takeover Artist Lauren Indovina then turned the course of direction towards an enchanting swirl of vision and creation. The past two weeks could not have been a bigger shake up for the official Psyop Instagram account – and we couldn’t be more thankful to Lauren for turning a takeover into an all-out experience for everyone who participated. Consider our socks: oh, so rocked. For anyone who wants to follow her personal journey – Who wouldn’t want that? – She has recently created her own Instagram account, which you can find here.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.41.56 AM Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.42.15 AM Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.43.10 AM

Now from one New Yorker to another, Lauren passes the baton to Director Tom C J Brown as he faces an exciting week ahead! Traveling from NYC to LA for the American Film Institute Festival screening of his award-winning short Teeth; you can all look forward to a week of magic in following a filmmaker getting to share his work with the world. We here at Psyop for one, are SO proud and excited to see him take the TCL Chinese Theatre by storm with the flair that only Tom Brown can do.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.42.36 AM

Name: Tom C J Brown

Position at Psyop: Blacklist Director

You take way too many photos of: I’d hoped that I would look at my Instagram feed and see that I take too many pictures of beautiful vistas and sunsets over Manhattan. But it seems that I’m a narcissistic pig and all I do is post hashtag selfies.

You wish you had more time to… : Experience nature, and breathe clean air on a secluded cliff top surrounded my puffins feeding me regurgitated fish.

Who on Team Psyop do you nominate to take over next?: The Man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Borja Pena!

Psyop Instagram Artist Takeover: Lauren Indovina


So we have taken you all from Los Angeles, to Vancouver, to New York, to Cannes, to London, and then last week all the way to Helsinki. Anybody else feeling a little jet lagged? EP Amanda Miller and Director David Chontos certainly kept us glued to our screens as they drew back the curtain on Clash Con 2015 where they premiered their 360 degree projection room project complete with VR Samsung goggles! If you haven’t seen the coverage on the tech-packed weekend, head over to our official Psyop Instagram to see the faces of eager fans taking in the VR world of Clash for the first time!!

Yes, Monday may be upon us again but the good news is that we’re leading up to Halloween! When searching for the ideal Psyop-er to take over during a week with potential for so much creativity… One revisit to our “Emerge” spot and it was clear that there is really only one lady for the job: The imaginative, the dark, and the ultimately vivid Director Lauren Indovina. A fellow lover of all things eerie, Indovina will be luring us into what her world looks like at the bewitching hour. Be sure to follow along as always for our latest Halloween haunts – That is… If you dare…


Name: Lauren Indovina
Position at Psyop: Director. Occasional Designer.
You take way too many photos of: PSYOP friend family.
You’re doing Halloween right if… : You’re creative every day of the year.
Who on Team Psyop do you nominate to take over next?: Marie Hyon + Marco Spier, or Lydia Holness!

Psyop Instagram Artist Takeover: Amanda Miller

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 3.46.37 PM

Well, he did it. Psyop compositor and Vancouverite James Webster tackled Instagram for the first time ever, and came back completely unscathed. While according to Webster, Instagram still isn’t all that intriguing… We quite enjoyed the week in pictures if we do say so ourselves. From an inside look on how co-workers show their birthday spirit, to a past time favorite of sliding across the wooden office floors in extra slippery socks, this was a true inside look at our bizarre, wonderful lives as Psyop-ers.

Doing a 180 this week, we’ve got Amanda Miller of Los Angeles taking the camera WAY outside of these four office walls. Along with Director David Chontos, the pair will be hitting Helsinki for the ultimate Clash of Clans experience: ClashCon 2015. What brings Miller and Chontos on such a journey is the recent creation of a 360 degree projection room which will be premiering a VR experience in the Clash world, via Samsung Gear goggles. This is an exciting step forward in the world of both creativity and technology – and lucky for us, we get to come along for the ride! Stay plugged in all week long as the worlds of Psyop and Clash of Clans collide, and don’t forget to follow @psyoptv for the latest!

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 3.36.20 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 3.50.29 PM  Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 3.39.27 PM

Name: Amanda Miller
Position at Psyop: Executive Producer
You take way too many photos of: My dog, Beans
A friend is visiting you in LA, you have to take them to: The Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Who on Team Psyop should take over next?: Mark Tobin. He will break it.

Psyop, Two Cats, and A Grandmother’s Demise


For a moment, imagine this: The playfully simple plot structure of a Looney Tunes episode, the sweet-meets-salty feel of Coraline, and the wildly off-center humor of The Venture Brothers. Too great a combination of qualities for one single show to be possible, you say? No… You’ve just heard the essential ingredients to Psyop’s first original animated series, Grandma’s Cats Are Trying to Kill Her! We sat down with the Executive Producers of the show – Amanda Miller and Jill Gilbert – to get the inside scoop on what sparked the story of two sly cats plotting to take down one very oblivious grandmother.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.19.05 PM


Like all passion projects, the journey from imagination to furry, hissing fruition was a full one. Sitting at a picnic table outside Psyop on a sunny day in Venice, I ask EP Amanda Miller where the personal inspiration stemmed from. This prompted a dive into the rabbit hole of all things cartoons, humor, and childhood nostalgia alike. “Oh man, I just love cartoons and always have. I was a big watcher of Saturday morning cartoons my whole life; and now I’ve thrown some adult animation into the mix. That’s the primary place that my desire to make something like this came from: my love for animation.” It’s the ways in which animation captures people, according to Amanda, that opens up the doors of what is possible in creation. “You can do anything and everything in animation, and not so much with live action. I love that there’s a willing suspension of disbelief. Additionally, in the United States, people just expect animated work to be far-fetched and fantastical; almost begging the storyteller to share their wildest ideas. It can be the best storytelling mechanism in the world.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.40.50 AM

It’s when this love for the medium met the comical ideas of creator Danica Parry that Grandma’s Cats ignited it’s first spark. EP Jill Gilbert recalls, “Danica pitched the series idea as part of our internal pitch festival in Spring of 2014. The title made me laugh because it sounds sweet… but then it ends sassy. That’s what sold it for me was the title. It teases you with that ‘Who are these characters? What is going to be solved?’ proposal that you know won’t turn out how you expect it to.” Turns out, it wasn’t just the plot line that boasted the Jekyll/Hyde sort of nature. “When I think of Psyop, we’re sweet, salty, and a little sassy ourselves. So in my mind, it couldn’t have been a better fit for us to take this on. Both a project like Grandma’s Cats and Psyop as a whole causes an rascally feeling of disruption. And I quite like that.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.57.16 AMScreen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.55.11 AM Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.56.16 AM

The outcome proved to be the perfect catalyst for a relationship between Psyop and DreamWorksTV, as the mega production company bought the series and aired the first two in nine episodes on their featured YouTube channel, quickly garnering tens of thousands of views. When asked why DreamWorks as opposed to the handfuls of other animation-loving production studios out there, Miller breaks it down for us: “Companies like Psyop and DreamWorks are communities that are much more administering to this type of vision in the sense that–well–you can’t really tell fart jokes somewhere that takes themselves too seriously. Right? I love that the silly, dark comedy that I enjoy can find a home both in Psyop and DreamWorks.” Gilbert adds by saying, “It has been refreshing in that DreamWorks has been very supportive. They understand the production limitations, which is good because it then forces you to get creative with things like still achieving your vision under a tight budget.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.23.51 PM

Of course, with a storyline so ultimately heartwarming, it comes as no surprise that Grandma’s Cats has now been made available on multiple platforms! Three new episodes were just released on Verizon Wireless’ new mobile video service Go90, and have proved that we aren’t the only ones dying to see what mischief lies ahead. “The feedback has been just awesome. It has us coming into work every day feeling positive, excited, and thrilled that Psyop has put something out that’s our own. Plus, it’s a cool testament to the fact that we can do more than commercials. Of course there are growing pains, but it’s just a different way of approaching the work. We aren’t just executing the vision of someone else. This vision right here is uniquely our own.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.17.16 PM

Whether you’re a fan of childhood cartoons, adult humor, or both, Grandma’s Cats Are Trying to Kill Her! holds its own in each realm. So go ahead… pop on over to DreamWorksTV or Verizon’s Go90, pull up an episode, and just TRY to look at your cat the same way again.

Psyop Instagram Artist Takeover: James Webster

James Webster Pro

When people from Psyop like JBC takeover Instagram, who really needs The Travel Channel? First taking us along for meetings with mobile gaming companies in Cannes, then on to a train ride through Plymouth, England and further onward to the great happenings in London – It was an action packed 7 days without a doubt. We may have offices in LA, NYC, and Vancouver; but this was a true testament to how far and wide the Psyop reach really goes!

Shifting from an avid Instagram picture poster, to one that has never laid a finger on the social media phenomenon… We bring you James Webster from our Vancouver office. Yes, you read that correctly. We have captured the last remaining Instagram-less human on the face of the earth, and are nearly shoving him onto the bandwagon, all in the name of Psyop.

​Name: James Webster
Position at Psyop: Compositor
You take way too many photos of: Things I know that I won’t be able to remember later. I sometimes need help remembering my life.
Latest Netflix binge: BBC’s Sherlock
Who on Team Psyop do you nominate to take over next?: Wendy Cheung

Psyop Instagram Artist Takeover: JBC


Starting out with a tame black and white photo of the back of an airplane seat, you all may have assumed this past week was going to be a relatively tame one. Next thing you know, our Head of Production has posted a shot of him taking his job a tad seriously, holding a fellow Psyop-er in a solid headlock. Have you learned yet that when it comes to us, you can’t assume anything? Drew Bourneuf did a stellar job at backing us up on this concept, and it couldn’t have been more entertaining to follow him from LA to NYC! Thanks for the nonsense, Drew.

This week we’ve got another traveler for you, but this time, he’s taking things international. JBC, Psyop’s CMO can usually be found running things from Los Angeles except for weeks like these when he decides to hit places like rural England and Cannes! Make sure to track his journeys far and wide by searching @psyoptv on Instagram, then do no more than sit back and enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 9.58.50 AM JBC 4 JBC 3 JBC 2

Name: JBC
Position at Psyop: CMO
You take way too many photos of: My daughters
On weekends, you can be caught doing: Art and Love
Who on Team Psyop should take over next?: Felix from NY – he’s seen so much!

Psyop Film & Television Turns 1!

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.53.46 AM

In August of 2014, Psyop Film and Television began a journey led by Kymber Lim, flanked by a team of fearless execs including Mark Driscoll, Henrik Fett, and Colleen Bachman. Joining them were none other than VFX Supervisors Marshall Krasser, Dan Levitan, and Dan Schrecker, who shared in the team’s goal of not only launching the Psyop brand into the Film & TV space, but joining our brand’s famous creative vision with some of the top filmmakers in the industry. As we celebrate the 1st birthday of this new Psyop team, we can’t help but reflect on the hard work and exciting times that have been written into the history books.

JOY frame

Jennifer is feeling super pumped about Psyop’s first year!

Last year, the division hit the ground running with work on several feature films, from critical darling A Most Violent Year to the opening title sequence on the Michael Mann thriller Blackhat. The team also flexed their creative muscles behind the scenes, contributing concept design and some dynamic pitchwork for Lorenzo di Bonaventura’s Hell Bent. Psyop’s first major big screen credit came on with a bang in the form of the explosive summer action-comedy American Ultra, starring Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg. Thanks to the NYC team, no scene lacked for haze-filled, bullet-riddled landscapes. Audiences were treated to no less than fifty-eight Psyop-enhanced scenes, including some seamless power-of-ten shots pulling back to reveal helicopters, drones, and satellites orbiting the earth. Since completing that film, the New York squad has been working to complete over 230 shots on Hail Caesar, the Coen Brothers much-anticipated next feature film. If simply collaborating with filmmakers of this calibre wasn’t awesome enough, we’re delighted to announce that this is our first feature film as the sole VFX provider. Meanwhile, the Vancouver team is rocking out over 400 shots for director Gavin O’Connor’s thriller The Accountant, where Ben Affleck plays a superbly intelligent accountant by day and ruthless assassin by night, and growing the list of Psyop Film & TV projects that you absolutely must see.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.10.08 AM

Managing Director Kymber Lim spoke about this division’s contribution to Psyop, saying “I love seeing all of the pieces come together. Being able to take advantage of what Psyop is known for–world building, character creation, storytelling, and design–and then taking that into the feature world has been amazing. The most exciting thing for us is to imagine, design, and execute in order to bring a director’s vision to life.”

Psyop continues to pursue episodic television as well, and is in the middle of several exciting projects for the small screen. In our Vancouver studio, we’re involved in Amazon’s biggest and most sophisticated original series yet, The Man In The High Castle, as well as embarking on work for the new X-Files series; yes, THAT X-Files, out January 2016! Also slated for a 2016 release is MTV’s adaptation of the popular novel series, The Shannara Chronicles, being completed by Psyop’s Los Angeles team, as well as Into The Badlands, coming soon to AMC. NYC loves their TV shows too, as VFX work gets rolling again over there for Season 2 of Amazon’s Mozart In The Jungle.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.55.55 AM

If you’re worried that we don’t quite have enough on our “To-Do” list yet, we should probably mention even more things that Psyop Film & TV is currently working on. VFX magic is being cast on How To Be Single, starring Dakota Johnson, and Arms and The Dudes, from blockbuster director Todd Phillips. Last but undoubtedly not least, blood sweat and Psyop-egg-shaped tears are going into the final shots for David O. Russell’s JOY, starring it girl/action star/Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, and releasing on Christmas Day!

Arms and The Dudes frame

We feel ya, Jonah — things are really kicking up a notch!

You might find yourself saying, enough about Year One, what’s Year Two going to bring? Kymber nailed it, saying, “Of all the new fields Psyop is playing in, I look forward to seeing us continue to grow into a thriving entertainment studio, and keeping up the momentum we’ve already got going to ensure that the seeds we’ve been planting will grow and be fruitful. That is what I want for Psyop as a whole and for each of the people here who give me inspiration every single day to keep pushing forward!”

And so onward and upward we go indeed… A million thanks to each and every one of you coming along on this adventure with us! #TeamPsyop


Psyop Instagram Artist Takeover: Drew Bourneuf


So, was it just us… or was this past week of Psyop Instagram Artist Takeover one for the books? Tom Masterman out of Vancouver gave a whole new meaning to the term “original” and we can certainly say with confidence that he kept us on our toes for all seven days of insanity. If eating car keys and crawling around the workplace imitating a dog doesn’t stir up the conversation, I’m not sure what else would. Thanks for throwing all caution to the wind, Tom! This week is not to be forgotten anytime soon.

But now onto a new week, and a fresh Psyop face to direct our attention to. Head of Production based out of our Los Angeles office is Drew Bourneuf! We have been awaiting the perfect moment for him to finally cast his madness on the world, and our dear friends, that time has come. Although he is usually here in LA, this week finds him working his magic in NYC so get ready for a wondrous clashing of the west and east coasts. Furhtermore, what better way to kick this takeover off than with this picture of Drew’s late dog, Guinness! A beautiful dog and a great beer right out of the gate?? Alright Drew, you’ve thrown the gauntlet. Show us what you’ve got.

Name: Drew Bourneuf

Personal IG Account: @uncledrew – it’s a bit barren but that ends now!!! And yes, I was uncledrew before Kyrie Irving was!!!

Position at Psyop: Head of Production

You take way too many photos of: Pints

A pickup line that actually worked for/on you: Hi, my name is Drew.

Who on Team Psyop do you nominate to take over next?: Neysa Horsburgh

Dogs, Music and the Power of an Industrial-Sized Fan


It all started in the way that many ridiculous-but-brilliant situations do. A few of my fellow Psyop-ers discovered an LA-based Instagram account and found themselves entertained for way too long by a common hit amongst social media platforms: funny animals.

This time, the draw came from dog groomer & stylist Jess Rona. Jess blew up the internet with her 15 second Instagram videos consisting of dogs being blow-dried, edited to play in slow motion, and set to humorous background music. All of these ingredients proved a hilarious nod to what it may look like if dogs took over the glamorous world of high fashion photography – fur and all.

Seeing that our offices have a solid community of dogs who can be found at any moment, I couldn’t think of a reason NOT to do the same with Psyop’s Instagram and our own cuddly cast of characters. Starting first with Nikki Pymn’s Sheltie, Marley, and Jane Byrne’s Samoyed, Canto, the little Instagram experiment began. As we upped the ante from hairdryers to industrial-strength fans and blasted through countless bags of beef-esque treats, the experience escalated to pure hilarious magic. We hope our own followers will take a similar delight in seeing these newer, more diva-fied looks at the canines we’ve grown to know!

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 1.21.14 PM

Of course, it’s the perfectly fitting music and the star-powered subject that make all the difference, so if there’s a Psyop dog that we’ve covered in our recurring #DogsOfPsyop or a song that you think would be a great addition to this fun little project, leave a comment below!