Ironwoman Kylie Matulick

This past August 17th, Lake Stevens, Washington, played host to Ironman 70.3 — a 70.3-mile triathlon, the state’s only Ironman-sanctioned triathlon at that distance. The competition consisted of a 1.2 mile swim in in downtown Lake Stevens, a 56 mile bike route through the Pacific Northwest and a cool 13.1 mile half marathon throughout the city.


Over 1,000 individuals from around the nation participated, all hoping to nab one of the 30 qualifying spots for the 2015 Ironman 70.3 World Championship.

Psyop Founder Kylie Matulick was one of them.

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Clash of Clans “Magic”


Clash of Clans “Preparation”


AMC Theatre Montage

  • AMC6



    Heading out to the movies? Here’s 16 reasons you won’t want to miss the previews.

    This past fall, AMC Theatres introduced a whole new pre-show, on-screen experience that has been entertaining patrons as much as the movies themselves. Collaborating with production company Psyop and branding agency Bailey Lauerman, the 16 original pre-movie vignettes — everything from theater cell phone policies to emergency exit location information — playfully convey necessary information while creating a fan base all their own.

    With inspiration drawn from AMC’s iconic red logo, Bailey Lauerman developed an original cast of characters and storylines that include a little bit of everything for all movie-lovers – obscure film references, nods to cult classics, current clichés and iconic film motifs.

    Psyop helped evolve AMC’s previous 2D graphics into a fully realized 3D world, creating unique environments and using real world lighting to add texture and depth.

    “Developing a series of animated ‘mini-movies’ for this particular audience was exciting and we wanted to ensure that the experience went hand in hand with the celebrated AMC name,” said Psyop Director Fletcher Moules.

    The pre-show spots were developed to complement various genres. Viewers of a horror flick will screen a different version than those attending a romantic comedy. There are also unique versions for AMC’s multiple theatre environments, such as IMAX and dine-in theaters.

    “The response has been tremendous,” commented AMC Vice President, Theater Marketing and Consumer Insights Letha Ross-Steffey. “We’ve received very positive feedback from the fans and we’re looking forward to the reaction from the circuit wide release.”

    But don’t take our word for it – visit AMC Theatres to check them out at a location near you.




Chobani “Survival of the Fruits”




    Psyop took a walk on the wild side and ventured into Chobani Flavor Country, exploring the exotic characteristics of yogurt like never before. In two documentary-style animations, viewers are taken on a mission to discover the true essence of Chobani, where indulgence is the law of the land and pure ingredients reign supreme.

    Designing an entire kingdom of fruit animals for the two short films was a treat for Psyop, who created realistic scenarios inspired by original characters and in depth transitions for every frame. Taking cues from nature documentaries, Psyop wanted to make these worlds feel as real as the flavors in them.

    “As director, it was very important that we illustrated these stories from the animal’s perspective but in a way that stayed true to the fruits’ qualities,” recalled Psyop Director Borja Peña. “We wanted to produce really vibrant images and push the boundaries of what was expected for the brand. It was a really exciting adventure for all parties.”

    The design team crafted lush, hand painted environments for both films, always with the Flavor’s unique lifestyles in mind. Ambient acoustics from Q Department helped augment the Attenborough inspired voice over and the overall tone of the spots, bringing the piece to life.

    In this world, tasting is believing.